Rugby Betting Rules and Available Markets

The most dominant rugby betting events are the major rugby union tournaments which include World Cup, Championship, and the Six Nations. However, in between these tournaments is the Rugby League where you can also place your bets.

Just as it is with any sports betting, you will be required to check the bookmakers’ rules. Usually, all betting are settled within the allowed match duration of 80 minutes plus the added time. In case the game has been abandoned midway or postponed before it begins, all the standing bets are canceled and a refund is made so you should not be worried about that.

Common Rugby Bets

You will find rugby bets in matches that you can bet on. There are more popular bets which must be present in any rugby game. However, keep in mind that more options will be available for bigger games. Here are the most common ones.

1. Money Line

This is the simplest form of betting and it applies both for Rugby Union and Rugby Leagues. It involves predicting outright winner of the match and placing your bet on it and that’s all. If your prediction proved right you win otherwise you lose.

2. Handicap

This type of betting is somehow challenging and it affects the presented odds. A sound knowledge about it is vital for your win. A handicap market if present usually tends to level the field and makes the contest even. It works by offering one’s selection a virtual deficit to be recovered when the match begins. There is also an instance when the underdogs get a virtual start. If your choice has a score more than the opponents after the handicap has been considered, your selection wins.

rugby betting market

For example, if team A is the favorite to beat team B then a +point say +9 is given to team B to level the score. So if you bet on team B to win and team A beats team B by 8 points or fewer, then team B wins the bet in the handicap market.

There is no handicap applied in a match where both teams have equal chances of winning.

3. Match Betting

Match betting comes in many ways which are as described below:

Match Odds – This is a simple bet just like money line. You choose your team to win the match. You bet will become void if a draw emerges and such cases, handicap is presented to make the bets more appealing and lucrative.

Totals – This is a betting market based on the “unders” and overs whereby your bet is placed on the expected total number of points in a match.

First Scoring Play – This is also a fairly simple bet where you just predict which play to score first. You can either choose a penalty, drop, or a try.

Double Result Bet – Rugby is such a physical game where the scoreline can change drastically from time to time with the second-half result not anywhere close to the first half result. This kind of betting lets you chose a half-time winner and a full match winner.

Highest Scoring Half – Here you choose between first half and second half, which one to be characterized by higher points. You can also predict which team to score the highest points in any halves.

First Try Scorer – You can choose which team to score the first try in this market. For larger odds, you can go ahead to name the player who is to score that try.

Winning Margins – This market involves placing your bet on the point difference between the scores of the two teams. It is the hardest to predict.

The number of tries – This 2-way market lets you predict the total number of tries within an 80-minute match. You will find on the bookmaker’s site already set lines where you can either say yes or no.

rugby betting rules

4. Tournament Betting

This market will let you choose an outright winner of a rugby tournament instead of predicting winners in every match. You can also place your bet on a player who is to score the most try in the entire tournament or championship.