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Registration for the 2007 Season

The Oakville Crusaders Rugby Club will be accepting applications for membership for the following age groups: -

Playing Members:
Masters/Veterans/Over 35 $220.00
Senior Men $315.00
Senior Men Student $220.00
Senior Women $220.00
Senior Women Student $200.00
Junior Rugby (U16, U12, U14, U15, U17, U18 & U19) $190.00
Minor/Mini Rugby (U8 - 10) $150.00
Non-Playing Members:
  Coaches $150.00
  Social (non-voting) $30.00
Club Supporter $130.00

There are four forms required for Mini & Junior Players and all forms can be download below. You must ensure if you are completing your forms prior to arrival at the club that two copies of the Rugby Canada Certificate be completed.

All Mini or Junior players must have proof of age shown to a club representative for registration purposes.

Membership Application Form:

Club Registration Forms 2007


Registration Date:
Saturday, April 14, 2007
10am - 2pm



Cheques made payable to 'Crusaders Rugby Club' or we accept VISA and Debit.



Terms & Conditions:

1 All members must submit a completed/ updated Membership Renewal Form every season.
2 All playing members and game officials e.g. coaches, therapists, referees, must sign and submit a completed/ updated ORU/ CRU Membership Application/ Renewal Form every season.
3 All playing members must pay the respective dues amount in full prior to the start of the 2007 League season in order to be eligible to play for the club.
4 New members applying to join the club must complete and submit the Membership Application Form with payment for membership consideration and be eligible to represent the club.
5 All playing members applying to join the club that have played for another club in the previous season are required to notify the membership & registration secretary and complete the required player transfer forms.
6 All members agree to abide by the club and all applicable iRB, RC, RO and Branch Union rules, regulations and by-laws.



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