Map to Lindsay

Driving from Oakville:

Take 403/401 through Toronto. Continue east until you get to Highway 115/35 and exit north towards Peterborough. Take 35 (at the split) and continue north until you arrive at No.7 hwy (Traffic light) just at the south edge of Lindsay. Turn right and go east on No.7 Hwy for approx. 2-3 Kms) until you arrive at another set of traffic lights at Hwy No.36. Turn left and proceed north for 4-5 kms to another set of lights (you are now travelling along the easterly edge of the Town of Lindsay). Turn right and go east on Kawartha Lakes Road No.17, (Pigeon Lake Road). You are still in civilized territory and the road is paved. Proceed east on Pigeon Lake Road for 2 kms, a 'flag' to watch for is a Drive-In Theatre on the left hand (North) side of the road.

The first road east of the Drive-In Theatre is POST ROAD. There is a rugby sign on the south-east corner of the intersection. Turn right and proceed south (gravel Road) on Post Road for 1 Km to the first road on your LEFT.

This is GREENWAY Road. Turn left on to Greenway Road and there is the pitch.

Estimated time of travel from CRU to Greenway Road.... 2 hrs give or take 10 minutes